By Annie Barrett
December 28, 2010 at 09:19 PM EST
David Lee

Now that Natalie Portman is the equivalent of a gold-medal-winning all-around gymnast (“The Nastia Liukin of pop culture!” —Entertainment Weekly), we get to see the trailer for a movie she filmed two years ago, The Other Woman. It’ll be available On Demand on Jan. 1 and in a few theaters Feb. 4. It is not a Black Swan clone about ice skating, but it is kind of a Stepmom clone about a child-wary woman who just can’t cope. Except in The Other Woman, Lisa Kudrow plays the real mom, a baby’s death stands in for Susan Sarandon’s cancer, and Natalie Portman doesn’t have Julia Roberts’ infuriating bangs to go along with her natural waves. Check it out:

If your most overwhelming thought is “needs more Natalie Portman ice skating,” may I suggest a detour to the Pooh Bear scene from Beautiful Girls?

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