By Margaret Lyons
Updated December 28, 2010 at 09:52 PM EST

Melissa Peterman describes her new CMT show, Working Class, as a “fish-out-of water family sitcom.” Peterman (formerly of Reba) plays a single mom — “two ex-husbands, three kids” — who takes a job at a frou-frou grocery store, where she works alongside her neighbor Hank, played by TV legend Ed Asner. “I have moments where I’m trying to do a scene with him and I freeze — he has seven Emmys!” laughs Peterman. “I’m a Minneapolis girl originally, and Mary Tyler Moore is huge for me. He’s Lou Grant! And he won an Emmy for playing Lou Grant funny, and serious [in the Mary Tyler Moore spin-off drama Lou Grant]. It’s crazy. He told me to quit gushing, and I said, ‘Let me worship you, old man!'”