By Kristen Baldwin
Updated December 27, 2010 at 06:17 PM EST

I am all about the royal wedding. If I could set my DVR now for April 29, 2011, I would. But these Royal Engagement coins from the Royal Mint annoy me in many ways. Let’s count them.

1. I don’t know who that ugly chick on the coin is supposed to be, but it is in no way Kate Middleton. Did Camilla order the Royal Mint people to make Kate look homely because she’s jealous of the future queen? (And pissed that she needs to curtsy to Kate in certain situations?)

2. They gave William too much hair. Also, his adam’s apple looks weirdly bulgy.

3. For some reason this £5 coin (about $7.65) costs anywhere from $15 to $2,371. I’m no numismatic expert, but that seems excessive to me.

4. Not to go all Annie Barrett on you, but what is up with those ratty tendrils of hair under Kate’s chin?

5. That ugly girl who is supposed to be Kate is looking lovingly at Prince William, but he’s staring off into the distance, like he can’t be bothered. Yes, according to a statement from The Mint, Wills is pictured in profile to allude to his “Royal status,” but again, I suspect this slight to Kate is Camilla’s doing.

I could go on and on, but I should probably get some work done today. So I’ll turn it over to you, PopWatchers. What royal annoyances did I miss?