Big Love fans were sad to learn that this will be the final season of HBO’s family drama (spoiler alert: I’ve seen the premiere episode and it’s great) but star Chloe Sevigny, who plays the manipulative Nikki, is already thinking about her future gigs. The actress’ name has been mentioned as potentially starring opposite Katie Holmes in a Broadway revival of the play Extremities. Sevigny confirmed that she has indeed been considering a role in the revival . “I was reading it and I’m kind of seeing how the cast is gonna pan out,” she says. “I know the director is great but I feel like the cast has gotta be real strong. And it’s such a commitment.”

Meanwhile, she’s not ruling out a return to a TV series but is very specific about what she wants out of the project, namely, that it’s shot on the East Coast. Says the actress, ” I’m not opposed to another series but I don’t think I’d do one in Los Angeles. I’d like to do a half-hour comedy on a cable network in New York where I play someone really glamorous and really goofy. That’s my dream job!” she says, laughing.

But the question everyone wants to know (or maybe just me and my EW colleagues Tanner Stransky and Henry Goldblatt) is what does Sevigny think about comedian Drew Droege and his hilarious series of viral video spoofs of the actress? “I met him the other day,” says Sevigny. “I feel like he doesn’t dress like me, he doesn’t talk like me! I feel like there’s zero connection. I don’t even understand how he can say it’s me. And then the things he references are sooo not me. He was very charming and very nervous. He thought I hated him. Of course not! I’m flattered. But it’s just not me at all!”

Watch Droege’s latest “Chloe” spoof, “Holidays,” below…

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