December 23, 2010 at 09:05 PM EST

Most TV characters are impeccably dressed, whether it’s in scrubs that fit just so (I’m looking at you, Cristina Yang), perfectly accessorized sweater sets (Emma Pillsbury), or party dresses so flouncy and festive you should wear something nice just to gaze upon them (Blair Waldorf). And yet … not all characters have that sartorial magic. Some have, oh, the opposite of that. And thus, we present the wall of shame: 2010’s Worst-Dressed Characters!

Taking top dishonors: Cate from Life Unexpected. Holy Moses. Pictured here are but two of her fashion missteps: harem sweat pants (so much crotch! pants don’t need that much crotch!) and overall jorts. These outfits are from the same episode. My eyes! Tragically, she won’t have much time to rectify the situation come 2011.

Coming in second, Cuddy on House. She’s always been a weirdly-dressed executive (must those tops be so tight and shiny?), and this year was no exception — though the weird tight/shiny factor moved into the formal arena, too. (Blue dress on “Small Sacrifices”, you are no one’s friend.)

But now it’s your turn, PopWatchers. Let’s hear it: Who’s your worst-dressed character of 2010?

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