Credit: Jeffrey Ufberg/

Image Credit: Jeffrey Ufberg/; Joe Corrigan/Getty ImagesSteven Soderbergh first spoke about his desire to fold up his director’s chair almost two years ago, and if you believe Matt Damon, the director wasn’t talking Cher-style retirement. He wants to retire… for real.

In an interview with the L.A. Times, Damon said Soderbergh is “getting closer” to calling it quits because the director has grown “exhausted” with filmmaking. Originally, Soderbergh had expressed plans to pack it up around the 25th anniversary of his filmmaking career, and, as it turns out, he might do just that.

According to the actor, Soderbergh hopes to complete possibly two more movies — Liberace (in which Damon will star) and a project with George Clooney (which could be The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) — before pursuing a career in painting. Damon may or may not have been kidding about the latter. We’re honestly not sure.

UPDATE: Soderbergh joked through his rep: “I’m simply announcing my retirement early so that all the various film organizations can get their lifetime achievement awards lined up.”