Image Credit: Bravo; Inset: Amy Sussman/ The Real Housewives family has welcomed a new addition. Bravo has confirmed to EW that Completely Bare founder Cindy Barshop will be the newest cast member of the network’s hit The Real Housewives of New York. (The New York Post had the news first.) So what do we know about Barshop? At this point, the bare (heh) minimum: She runs the chain of day spas that focuses on waxing and laser hair removal, is a native of Long Island, and is a single mother of two twin girls named Zoe and Jesse who were born in 2009.

Of course, those three things tell us nothing about Barshop’s personality. And, really, there’s only one thing every fan of the Bravo series wants to know: Which Housewives cast member will she spar with? My guess is she’ll be friend to fellow businesswoman Alex and fellow Long Island native Jill, and the Post‘s piece already states that she’s pals with Ramona. The story also states, however, that she “has connections” to Kelly, which sounds ominous — or at least, as ominous as things can get for someone who lives in a world of cartwheels, lollipops, and rainbows. (And it would be perfect to see Barshop pick up where Bethenny left off — even if Bravo insists that the new cast member is not a replacement for Bethenny Frankel, who has long been rumored to be leaving the show.) And Barshop’s “cool and laudable” life decisions that “will invite watercooler conversations” — according to Bravo Programming Vice President Christian Barcellos — will surely transform LuAnn into the patronizingly supportive frenemy, darling, and Sonja into the passionately supportive friend.

So now I turn to you, PopWatchers. Who do you think Barshop will spar with on this upcoming season of Real Housewives? Vote below!

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