Here at EW, we watch trailers to anticipate the drama, intrigue, and artistic vision of upcoming films. Especially if that artistic vision involves Natalie Portman’s butt. After today’s release of the the green-band trailer for Your Highness — starring Danny McBride, James Franco, and Portman as a band of misfits who embark on a quest to save the kingdom — my colleague Clark Collis (an experienced reporter on all things derrieres) pointed out that Universal used some CGI trickery to cover up Portman’s behind, which was seen in all its thong-y glory in the previous red-band trailer.

According to a source close to the production, the scene was altered so the MPAA would approve the trailer for screening for “appropriate audiences” in theaters. The R-rated flick will indeed show the the raunchier version on the big screen when Your Highness is released April 8. After the jump, see if you can spot the differences (what a fun, sexy game for you!) at 1:09 in the green-band trailer and at 1:33 in the obviously NSFW red-band trailer.

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