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Tommy Wiseau has told EW he will theatrically release a 3-D version of his cult movie The Room, either at the end of 2011 or in 2012. “The process is very detail-oriented,” said the actor-writer-director. “But we want to do it because I’m obsessed about 3-D right now, if you ask me.”

The famously mysterious filmmaker has no plans to alter the film for the 3-D version which means the ever-growing army of Room devotees can look forward to the sight of Wiseau’s derriere in three dimensions during the film’s lengthy sex scenes. “My bottom will have to be in 3-D because I’m not changing anything,” he explained. “So you’ll be very close.”

In addition, Wiseau intends to release a Blu-ray version of the film, whose bizarro delights are beloved by such comedians as Paul Rudd, David Wain, Jonah Hill, and Tim and Eric. “We want a Blu-ray release before Christmas 2011,” he said.” I have hundreds of emails from people saying, ‘We want to see the behind-the-scenes footage.’ I say, ‘Yes you can, as soon as we release the Blu-ray.”

The mercurial Wiseau is currently prepping his long-in-gestation sitcom The Neighbors and a feature film about the economy whose title he declined to make public. “It relates to homes and foreclosures,” he said. “You’ll be shocked!”

Finally, Wiseau revealed he also intends to start his own clothing line next year. “I’ll be designing underwear, as well as jackets, as well as sportswear,” he said. “I have the skills. I know how to design. Of course, it will be my face on some of the clothes; it’ll be my name on it. It will be ‘Designed by Tommy Wiseau.'”

Would you wear underwear designed by Tommy Wiseau? Are you looking forward to seeing his ivory rump in 3-D? Let us know! Oh, hi Mark…

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