Image Credit: Eric McCandless/FoxIt might be a while before we hear the pitter-patter of little feet around the home of Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall (Jason Segel) on CBS’ How I Met Your Mother. Segel told EW that he thinks the producers will hold off on giving the couple a baby – mostly because he shouldn’t be trusted with infants, the actor admitted half-jokingly (at least, we think).

“They watched the way I reacted to the pregnancy scare and it terrified them so I don’t think they will do that again to me for awhile,” Segel said, while walking the red carpet of Gulliver’s Travels on Sunday. The actor is referring to a recent episode of HIMYM, when Lily and Marshall started to panic after a test said she was pregnant (but she really wasn’t).

“Everyone is terrified of me with a baby,” Segel continued. “They fear for the baby’s safety so I don’t think they are gonna rush the story too much because they don’t want to entrust me with a baby for filming. I think they are afraid that no parents will let me treat their baby like my own because I have no idea what I’m doing. It is like the old Bugs Bunny cartoon with the Abominable Snowman where he was holding the baby upside down and said ‘I’ll hug him and squeeze him.’ That’s me. He doesn’t stand a chance so casting could be real tough.”

Meanwhile, Segel is busy promoting Travels – in which he co-stars with Jack Black and Emily Blunt – and still pinching himself that he was trusted to reboot The Muppets. Segel is co-writing the screenplay and will also star. “Rick Gervais and Jack Black are doing a bit in January [in the movie]. Right now I’m working seven days a week between shooting my TV show and the Muppets …I guess I have started doing a few family projects in a row but don’t worry, I have some R-rated stuff coming out too. Just no more full frontal. I think I am done with that. I rode that train as far as I could. I think the next time I would do it is when I’m 90. We’ll do Sarah Marshall 2 and I’ll just flaunt my weird old man penis.”

The actor is also writing his film for next summer, Five-Year Engagement. “We will start shooting in April,” he explains. “It is a romantic comedy. Our goal is Annie Hall or When Harry Met Sally and if we get within their stratosphere of substance, we will be happy. It really dissects relationships and aims to show how complicated they are over a long period of time. This is a five-year period and in that time things change and morph and the power dynamic shifts and people wane and eyes wonder and you question everything and this movie is about that in a funny way, I hope.” – With reporting from Carrie Bell

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