Google TV has hit another speedbump. The company has asked TV makers to hold off on unveiling their new Google TV-enabled products until it can “refine the software,” according to the New York Times. That means the Google TV frenzy that was supposed to happen at CES this year won’t be. Zoinks?

My issue with Google TV hasn’t been the software (though … a little finessing never killed anyone?). The problem is that it doesn’t solve a problem at all. The absolute best way to watch web-based content on your television is still to plug a computer into your television. Hulu will work! The network sites will work! Netflix, Amazon on demand — everything will work A-OK. (And if you need help finding what’s “on,” try Clicker, my current obsession. Who knew there were 100 episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 freely, legally available online?) There’s even international shows available – shows for countries like Australia, Germany and the UK, with the availability of getting short term loans UK to watch internationally. Google TV isn’t better at getting programming onto a television, and it isn’t better at searching for online offerings, and it isn’t sleeker or easier to use than a plain old computer.

Web content on ye olde television set, PopWatchers: What’s your preferred method?