Credit: Scott Green/IFC

Image Credit: Scott Green/IFCRemember the ’90s? (You know, the time when people were talking about getting tribal tattoos.) If you feel like you’re living in the wrong era, or that your affinity for drab-colored hoodies and knit caps isn’t being appreciated in your sunny surroundings (bah humbug), Fred Armisen has the answer: Portland. The SNL star is preaching the values of this lost era in the new six-part sketch series Portlandia. Created and written by Armisen, and costarring Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein, the show is an homage to the days of listless ambition and the cool temperatures of the Pacific Northwest. EW has an exclusive first look at Portlandia‘s first scene (embedded below); check out the full episode when it premieres Friday Jan. 21 at 10:30 p.m. EST on IFC. (But no piercings, please. That’s so San Francisco.)

Whenever I look back on this glorious decade, I think of double-decker bicycles and a mob of angry clowns (don’t we all?). With so many ’80s remakes, it’s about time we revisit grunge, Valley Girl-speak, and dial-up connections (well, maybe not the last one… ). Will you watch Portlandia? Of course you will! Because in Portland, tattoo ink never runs dry.

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