Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Fallon exchanged Christmas gifts in nearly simultaneous moments on their competing talk shows last night. Craig held up his box from Jimmy and said he was “terribly excited” because everyone knows “Jimmy is awesome and he can knit like 12 gay men.”

Sure enough:

Meanwhile, over on Fallon’s show, Jimmy said, “My buddy Craig Ferguson and I are exchanging Christmas presents,” and suddenly Craig’s fake horse Secretariat came loping out with a greeting card and instructions for Jimmy to look under his desk.

Jimmy did, and this is what he found:

The little kitty-cats in arrived already named by Craig: They’re “Regis” and “Kelly.” (Bonus points to Jimmy for doing Craig’s wild-arms dance with the horse.)

As Ferguson said, in the spirit of the holidays, “And to all the media hacks who like to poke the hornet’s nest and say there’s a late-night war, I say… go right ahead.”

What do you think of Craig and Jimmy’s ongoing late-night friendship?

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