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Image Credit: Glenn Watson/USA Network; Giovanni Rufino/The CW; Sonja Flemming/CBSWelcome back, Roomies! Before we dig into this week’s scoopage (we’ve got Burn Notice, CSI, Gossip Girl, Human Target, Lie to Me, Cougar Town, and more), I want to remind you that holiday craziness is no reason to stop sending spoiler requests. Continue doing so through Twitter replies/direct messages (@EW or @EWSandraG) or email ( And as we say at my house in these times of celebration, “Buffy bless us, every one!”


You’re probably nursing a TV hangover from last night’s two-hour season finale, I know, but I come with the scoop equivalent of a greasy breakfast cure. In our convo with Bruce Campbell, the actor spilled some juicy deets on the upcoming Sam Axe-centered Burn Notice TV movie, which shows us Sam’s last CIA mission in the mountains of Colombia.

“[Sam] sees some events go down that change the initial plan, and he takes matters into his own hands at great risk to himself and others with a small group of misfits to try to right a bad situation,” Campbell said. “It’s a David and Goliath thing.”

The Jeffrey Donovan-directed movie, which Campbell says will introduce us to the “mature side of Sam” via an emotion-heavy mission, is scheduled to air in spring before the start of Burn Notice‘s fifth season. “[People] should watch it because that’s the only way they’re going to get the whole [season 5] story,” Campbell said. “There is possibly a character and story elements that will linger forward — and not in a good way. Something from Sam’s past might come back to haunt him.”

Image Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos (2)‘SOUTHLAND’: JOHN’S DILEMMA, SAMMY’S BIG SURPRISE

Loyal Southland fans are in for a real treat with the season opener (airing Jan. 4), which has everything from a toy-return-turned-violent, to a bank robbery, to a little Tom Everett Scott. (Yum.) It delivers action in a big way and lays the groundwork for a tumultuous 10-episode season. John will continue to deal with his recurring back problem, but eventually find that the pain meds he was relying on aren’t working like they used to. Dark twistiness ensues. “What’s going to happen over the course of the season is that the bad days are going to start outweighing the good days, and there will be fewer good days in between,” said star Michael Cudlitz (pictured, right). “So I think we’re all going to be left with the question of, ‘Does John have a back issue or does John have a drug issues?'”

John’s relationship with his tasty — my word, not Cudlitz’s — partner Ben (Ben McKenzie) will also go through some changes as they begin acting more like peers than student and teacher. “Cooper needs him so much on so many different levels,” Cudlitz said. Look for an especially bromantic scene in the premiere as Cooper finds himself leaning heavily on Ben — literally.

Make sure to hang around for the final minute of the season opener, which drops a bomb so huge it will 1) leave you groaning at the guarantee of more Tammy (because we love to hate her) 2) have you feeling bad for Sammy and 3) leave Sammy needing his partner Nate’s guidance for the rest of the season, which Shawn Hatosy (pictured, left) says will help them develop a “stronger bond…. This season is going to be about how he needs someone to lean on, and he needs support,” he said.

Episode 2 will also be a big one for Sammy, as he once again comes across a case that plays on his soft spot for troubled youth and the innocent people on his beat. “It’s called ‘Punching Water.’ What that is referring to is if you take a swing at water and punch it as hard as you can, no matter how hard you try to make a dent, you just can’t,” Hatosy said. “These guys don’t give up, though.”


I’ve felt a little like Santa the past few weeks with all the letters I’ve been getting from good little boys and girls asking for CSI treats. Well, ho ho ho, people — this week I’ve got more than a little something for you, courtesy of CSI executive producers Carol Mendelsohn and Don McGill. First up, in an upcoming January episode featuring Dita Von Teese as a femme fatale with “a dark secret,” Greg will succumb to her charms and put his team — and his life — on the line. Also, “look for something about Greg’s first kiss and maybe something more,” they teased for me in an email.

Looking ahead to February, as we know, Justin Bieber returns as Jason McCann. The twist? Nick, who gunned down Jason’s brother in the premiere, will attempt to save Jason, “putting himself and the team in jeopardy.” The radical militia group they are facing off against will use this as a chance to “spring the perfect ‘mouse-trap,’ claiming at least one victim and leaving another fighting for their life,” Mendelsohn and Don McGill said. Don’t you love sweeps?

And I’ve saved the best for last. Jorja Fox fans have emailed me in a fury about rumors that the lovely forensic scientist would only be on 11 episodes. But the CSI honchos were happy to report that while they’re still discussing exactly how many episodes she will appear in, fans can “look for more than 11.”


@Havein asked: Anything on Dan and Blair on Gossip Girl? Love them together now!

Anyone who did not swoon over these amazing scenes hates great TV more than Little J hates pants. As far as a Dair affair, it could go either way. (I vote nay!) When EW cornered Leighton Meester on the red carpet at the Country Strong premiere, she sounded convinced that their rapport as friends — and co-conspirators — will remain the focus…for now. “He is basically the last guy on the show I have not had a relationship or sexual tryst with yet so it may be inevitable,” she said. “It’s pretty much seeming like they may have no other option.” What’s your vote, Gossip gang?

Image Credit: Michael Ansell/ABCJenn asked: I love Cougar Town and am always sad when I don’t see it getting any love from the award shows. Scoop to make me feel better?

Agree. This show couldn’t be better right now. Coming in January, there will likely be a few heart-tugging moments when Bobby becomes worried that Grayson is taking his place as father figure to Travis. (As you might guess, Ellie’s the one who puts the idea into his head for her own sick pleasure — which is why we love her.) Another upcoming ep will find Jules and Grayson babysitting Stan for an entire day. I don’t have to tell you that will be amazing, right? Well, not as amazing as this final little bit: Jules has already dropped the “love” bomb on Grayson, only to be met with a less-than-thrilling response. But a little birdie tells me Grayson might “finally be ready to say those three words to someone.”

Laura lamented: I miss Breaking Bad.

Me too. Luckily, Bryan Cranston told us this week that he gets back to work Jan. 13, and they’ll work until mid-June to finish up the fourth season before its July return.

Carolyn said: Please, for the love of all that’s good, throw some spoilers out there for Human Target and Lie to Me. They never seem to get any love.

Look for two super-sized episodes in January. In the first two-hour episode airing Jan. 5, Arrested Development‘s Tony Hale guests as a bumbling private eye in need of the team’s help, which the team can’t do, of course, without Janet Montgomery’s Ames logging in some bikini time. (Men, celebrate. Women, covet.) Then, in the Jan. 12 episode, Chance pulls a Michael Scofield a la Prison Break and gets himself thrown in jail to save Guerrero, who is framed for murder. We also meet Ilsa’s sister-in-law. In a bonus scoop, three words on the Jan. 26 episode: Ames. Chapel. Vegas. Feel the love yet?

Heather asks: Thank you for all The Vampire Diaries EW has covered lately! Now, any word on the upcoming Damon shower scene I’ve been hearing about?

No word on the identity of the “beautiful girl” he shares the scene with, but I can confirm it takes place in episode 13 and airs Feb. 3. So mark it with a giant smiley face with fangs on your TV calendars. (I’m not the only one who has one, right?)

Dorothy D. asks: Lie to Me’s back 9 got canceled. Is that an indicator that it won’t be back next season at all?

There’s definitely still reason to wish upon a star and throw all available coins into the nearest wishing well, Dorothy. First, ‘canceled’ is perhaps the wrong word since the network simply passed on the option of making them — they weren’t ordered and then canceled. And if that doesn’t make things a little sunnier, a source insists that it is still very much possible that Lie to Me could return with a new season. But if you want that to happen, I suggest being as vocal as possible about the fact that you won’t be happy without your weekly Tim Roth fix.

–Additional reporting by Carrie Bell.


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