Millenium Entertainment will appeal the R rating the MPAA has given the David Schwimmer-directed drama Trust with hopes of earning a PG-13. The movie, about a father (Clive Owen) who strikes back when his 14-year-old daughter becomes the victim of a sexual predator she met online, has been a passion project for Schwimmer since 2005. “While we respect the MPAA’s rating system, we must appeal the R rating given to Trust,” executive producer Avi Lerner says in a statement. “This film exposes the true threats posed by cyber predators. It sends a clear message to teens and parents; to be aware of the real dangers of cyber space. Teens must be allowed to see Trust. They need to know the truth.” Trust received an R rating because of a difficult scene portraying the assault, language, sexual content and some violence. Schwimmer also wants the film to be seen by teens: He’s worked closely with The Rape Foundation and Rape Treatment Center to promote rape awareness, prevention and education for more than a decade.

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