Image Credit: PRN/PR PhotosComedy Central’s next celebrity roast will be the greatest, the richest, the biggest, the best, the highest-rated, the most fun, the most exciting, the best dressed, the most luxurious roast EVER! According to Deadline, Donald Trump has deigned to submit and be roasted, saying “I’ll show up to the roast because Comedy Central is paying me a lot of money, but I’m confused as to how anybody could make fun of me.”

This development is somewhat stunning to me. First, I had no idea that Donald Trump had a sense of humor about himself. (Maybe he doesn’t, actually. Maybe this will be the roast where Jeff Ross finally gets stabbed.) Secondly, I’m shocked either that Comedy Central has that much money to sway Trump, or that Trump has so little money to be swayed by Comedy Central.

No matter. This is must-see television for me. This has the potential to make the infamous Chevy Chase roast seem gentile. If only Comedy Central has the chutzpah to sneak Rosie O’Donnell onto the dais.

Are you in, folks? And what’s the over-under on Trump-hair jokes? 14.5?

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