In addition to crowning Facebook CEO (…bitch) Mark Zuckerberg as 2010’s Person of the Year, TIME has released a list of 15 notables whose 15 minutes of fame have just about expired. Among these over-saturated (and questionable) “celebrities”: the infamous JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater, who taught us all the best way to quit a job is by stealing two beers and sliding down an emergency exit chute on your way out. (He really didn’t need to release a rap song. Like, really, really didn’t.) My 2011 will be just fine imagining Slater has taken up yoga, continues to rock Madras shorts, and has a lifetime membership on TSA’s “No-Fly” list. I’ll make room on my calendar, though, for Isaiah Mustafa, or “The Old Spice Guy,” whose ridiculous marketing campaigns deserve at least another 30 minutes in the spotlight. The man loves being shirtless, and can bake you a cake in the kitchen that he made you. Plus, he has a talent deal with NBC, so the possibilities for his new antics are endless. Swan dive!

The rest of this list just makes me sad. Poor Jim Joyce will always be known as the umpire who blew Armando Galarraga’s perfect game, and Gray Powell has probably been shunned from any and all Silicon Valley happy hours after he left his iPhone 4 prototype in a California bar. Let’s do these guys a favor and let their acquired infamy fizzle out rather than perpetuate it by tormenting them with constant attention, shall we? (See how I didn’t even bring up Oksana Grigorieva? May the year 2011 follow that lead…)

Who do you want to see more from in ’11, PopWatchers? And who’s about as worn out as those World Cup vuvuzelas piled up in your closet?

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