What if old-school Super Mario Brothers was remade in the uber-graphic, beyond-R-rated style of the Grand Theft Auto series? That’s the delicious foundation for a new video directed by Country Club Pictures. Mario and Luigi are gangster brothers. Peach is a mob girlfriend who gets kidnapped by rival crime lord Bowser. The trailer-style clip is filled with throwaway references to Mario lore (The Hammer Brothers! Bullet Bill!) and some seriously gut-busting lines (“Sorry, boys, the Princess is in another castle!”) As usual, Toad totally steals the show. He’s the best!

PopWatchers, would you play The Brothers Mario? Any other totally gonzo gaming mash-ups you’d like to see? And be alert, Super Mario fans: Super Mario All-Stars: Limited Edition went on sale Dec. 12, so be sure to pick up your copy. And for more December releases, see our snazzy event calendar here.