Image Credit: Everett Collection; Warner Bros.Another day, another Wizard of Oz project announced. According to Variety, Corpse Bride co-director Mike Johnson will make the CG/stop-motion Oz Wars. Of course, there’s already Summertime Entertainment’s animated Dorothy of Oz, with Lea Michele voicing Dorothy Gale. There’s Disney’s Oz, The Great and Powerful, with Sam Raimi and Robert Downey Jr. attached. Warner Bros. has a project languishing in development with Dakota Fanning reportedly playing Dorothy’s great-granddaughter. Last month, there were even rumors that Robert Zemeckis was prepping a shot-by-shot remake of the 1939 original, but those reports were quickly shot down.

But give Johnson and the folks at Vanguard Films credit: They’re at least moving in a very different direction. According to Variety, their Oz will feature monsters and martial arts, and Johnson says he wants to “create a world that’s dark, slick, sexy, and dangerous.”

Slick? Sexy? Martial arts? I have no clue how Dorothy looks and lives in Johnson’s world, but I would actually like to find out. I’d say Oz Wars is the clubhouse leader for most-over-the-rainbow concept, but which Oz project are you most excited about?

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