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Iron Man 2
Credit: Industrial Light & Magic/Marvel

Image Credit: Industrial Light & Magic/MarvelOne reason I couldn’t be a film director (besides having no discernible talent for the craft): I never notice flubs during a film unless someone points them out to me. But I love when they do — it’s why I devoured books like Bill Givens’ Roman Soldiers Don’t Wear Watches (the title is a nod to a famous blunder in Ben-Hur) before sites like IMDB and existed to share cinema’s most embarrassing slip-ups. And after reading’s 2010 round-up, it looks like I’ll have to pop Iron Man 2 in the DVD again. Because, according to the site, Jon Favreau’s superhero sequel boasts a whopping 45 mistakes, topping The A-Team, which has 37 errors, and Shutter Island, which has 33.

Now, we should acknowledge that prints user-submitted blunders, which means the website could just have an overwhelming number of Iron Man 2 fans. (Or that the film is picked apart far more than movies like Hot Tub Time Machine, which, for the record, has 11 errors, according to the site.) Among some of the film’s continuity problems (which I, of course, didn’t notice): Disappearing blood, hand placement, magically unbuttoning jackets, etc.

But do these blunders ever color your opinion of films, PopWatchers? I’m going to say no, since the errors are never significant enough for anyone besides hawk-eyed audience members to notice. (See: aforementioned Iron Man 2 mistakes.) And when they are noticeable (ex: The Room), well, that’s what makes for an enjoyable bad movie-going experience.

Iron Man 2
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