Few things signify that the holidays are finally here like my all too frequent viewings of my favorite movie, Home Alone. I’m firmly in the school of thought that Home Alone is a surprisingly timeless tale, but I can totally understand how some people might like to see it done with a more modern twist. An updated Home Alone isn’t necessarily a bad thing — the movie did celebrate its 20th anniversary last month — but losing its 1990 flavor (Kevin’s reindeer sweaters! A fun house without high tech gadgets to catch the robbers!) would, in my eyes, probably negatively impact any 2010 adaptation of my most beloved childhood movie. Enter the great Twitter reenactment, a perfect way for Home Alone to translate to 2010 tech friendly audiences who may not want to devote two hours to actually watching the movie.

Today a group of Geek Squad representatives have adopted appropriately named character Twitter handles to reenact Home Alone. While some handles are perfect in their simplicity — Buzz’s pet tarantula and bed-wetting cousin Fuller made me smile — the ones behind the movie’s major characters actually hit the nail right on the head. There’s some verbatim quoting, a lot of describing thoughts and actions in brief 140-character bursts, and even the famed Wet Bandits enter Kevin’s house of pain scene reads really well in the Twitter format.

My one complaint: The glaring omission of one of the movie’s greatest lines, “Buzz, your girlfriend… woof.” It totally would’ve been appropriate in a Tweet where Kevin was rummaging through Buzz’s stuff, and I feel that it’s one of Home Alone‘s most quoted lines. PopWatchers, are there any lines you feel the Geek Squad Twitter-actors missed in their reenectment? Are there any other holiday movies you’d like to see get the Twitter treatment?