Image Credit: Kim GoodwinDonny & Marie — A Broadway Christmas opened last night on the Great White Way, and we couldn’t be happier. EW critic Melissa Rose Bernardo gives the Vegas-style production a solid A– grade, and it’s easy to see why. They call it puppy love. For pop culture fans of a certain age (and you know who you are), the brother-sister act from that ginormous Mormon clan of singer-musicians represents a touchstone of childhood. Every Friday night, we’d tune in to see the chubby-cheeked siblings gently squabble with each other and belt out bubblegum hits like “Paper Roses” and “Go Away Little Girl.” They were the safe, wholesome pop idols — the ones our parents wouldn’t mind us hanging out with (and the ones we’d consider going to the church mixer to see).

And is there a better time than the holidays to evoke that warm glow of nostalgia? Donny & Marie are fiftysomething showbiz survivors now, with a history of tabloid scandals and reality show triumphs. (He won season 9 of Dancing With the Stars; she was a season 5 finalist.) And their Broadway show is as hokey as you’d expect: There are dance numbers, medleys in various musical genres, costume changes galore (typically involving tight jeans for him, sequins for her). Oh, and wind machines. You know Donny can rock a wind machine — though perhaps not the heavy-metal hit “Crazy Horse.” (Really, Donny?)

Is anyone else considering a trip to the Marquis Theatre for Donny & Marie’s holiday revue?

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