Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesThe Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced its 2011 inductees today—Tom Waits, Neil Diamond, Alice Cooper, Dr. John, and Darlene Love are set to be immortalized in the the March 14 ceremony, which will air on Fuse. But those inductees are out of 15 possible nominees that were made public in September. First of all: Big ups to all of those lucky musicians! Congrats. But as you may or may not know, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame releases a list of nominees a few months before announcing who’ll actually be inducted that year. It was after looking over that list of possible inductees that I found myself stunned: Bon Jovi didn’t make the cut. Granted, there are several other deserving folks who were nominated and didn’t make it, and this was only the first year that Bon Jovi was nominated (they’ll probably get in before too much longer), but it does seem more than egregious that they didn’t make it. Right? Right. Anyway, without further ado, I present my three reasons why Bon Jovi should have made the cut this year.

• Um, have you heard “Livin’ on a Prayer”? How can you not revel in that awesome song? Relive it here:

Of course, the rest of their music is pretty amazing, too. Do I even need to tell you this?

• The fact that this was a look for a while. If that’s not Rock and Roll Hall of Fame worthy, I don’t know what is.

• They were just named the No. 1 worldwide touring act of 2010 by Billboard. And, actually, it was the second time the iconic band scored the spot for the top-grossing tour in three years—only The Rolling Stones and The Grateful Dead have done that so far. Hello! And just look: Both those bands are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Stones made it in 1989 and Dead in 1994). I’m just sayin’…

What do you think, Music Mixers? Do you agree with me about Bon Jovi? Shouldn’t they be in there? Or should I just cool my jets on the Bon Jovi “snub”?

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