Image Credit: Neil Jacobs/CBSTerrorists, gangsters, and an inquisitive old lady with a thirst for justice: Together, they staged a Christmas Eve supervillain team-up on last night’s episode of Hawaii Five-0. Perhaps unsurprising for an episode that was a kind of direct sequel to the series premiere, Five-0 pulled out all the stops: Christmas trees! A sniper rifle! Alas, even though Oahu is still nice and warm in mid-December, no one went for a boat ride, and Alex O’Loughlin and Grace Park made the unfortunate decision to keep all their clothes on. (At one point, Grace Park went undercover in an incredibly non-skimpy outfit. They’re just teasing us now, Bingo fans.)

I suppose you could argue that Steve didn’t break any police brutality laws when he beat his archnemesis senseless, but I’m going to fill that square, because Steve did lead the team in a freaking $10 million heist. $10 million! And the archnemesis just burnt that money in a fire pit! Put that on a billboard, CBS: “Hawaii Five-0: Money to burn!” Click forward for the full bingo…

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