Credit: Everett Collection

Image Credit: Everett Collection‘Tis the era of savings, PopWatchers, and TLC has spun it into a show about coupon clipping, and not just any kind: EXTREME Couponing. (Please note that it is so extreme that “coupon” has been turned into a verb, as well. Consider your mind blown.)

The idea behind the game is to get as much product as possible for the smallest amount of money using your coupon skills. (Meaning, my mother would pretty much dominate this game.) And these couponers have mad skill. One woman hasn’t paid for a toothbrush or toothpaste in 34 years and another dumpster dives to obtain coupons. Dumpster dives, people!

I’m hooked already — but mostly because (minus the crazy people) it reminds me of my favorite game show of all time: Supermarket Sweep. I know that this coupon show won’t likely have many of the things that made Sweep great — like inflated 7 Up cans or $200 cans of gravy on Manager’s Special — but my greatest hope is that they at least put the contestants in brightly colored, painfully asexual sweaters with comically large name tags. Please, please, please.

Extreme Couponing premieres on TLC Dec. 29. PopWatch post about my excitement premieres Dec. 30.

Don’t leave me hanging, PopWatchers. Will you geek out with me over the reemergence of the supermarket-themed game show?