Image Credit: Macall PolayWhen they were filming the hit comedy The Other Guys, do you think there’s any chance that Mark Wahlberg ever punctuated an off-camera exchange with Will Ferrell with a “Say hello to your mother for me”? What else could’ve planted the idea of a DVD Mom-entary, with the mothers of Will Ferrell, co-writer/director Adam McKay, and co-writer Chris Henchy discussing their boys at work and play? The three ladies — Kay Ferrell, Pat Henchy, and Sarah Imperato (McKay) — had a blast, dissecting the film and Wahlberg’s hair, while lovingly embarrassing their boys. The special track is available on the unrated Blu-ray that comes out tomorrow and they kindly offered a few pictures of their boys from the way-back machine. Check out the photos and some choice quotes from The Other Guys Mom-entary after the jump.


Kay Ferrell: “Will’s father, the musician, wouldn’t let me sing to him as a baby because he was afraid I’d mess his ear up.”


Pat Henchy: “Do you think this [violent gunplay scene] is something we could recommend to our [schools’] media center?”


Sarah Imperato (McKay): “Adam’s father used to say, ‘I can’t wait for you to get on TV so we can turn you off.'”


Imperato: I’m not thrilled about [Mark’s] haircut.

Ferrell: I like Mark’s hair in this movie.

Imperato: Why? But I don’t want to say that because I don’t know how he really wears his hair.

Ferrell: It’s perfect for this role.

Imperato: That puffed-up side?

Ferrell: Yeah. I like it.

Henchy: It was kind of a Catholic school, holy communion hair cut.

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