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Image Credit: Everett CollectionWhen he’s not oversharing, David Arquette has apparently been busy developing a game show titled Ranking the Stars that reminds me a lot of something the Big Brother houseguests would play in a Head of Household competition.

As part of the show, a group of celebs (I’m guessing the term is used loosely…) panelists will be “forced to admit whether they think they’d be more or less prone to do something embarrassing — such as secretly informing the paparazzi on their whereabouts or making a sex tape — than the celeb sitting next to them,” according to Variety.

The actual premise of the show interested me much less, however, than the show’s intention to create “themed” panels that would bring together panelists that have “pre-existing relationships — such as former sitcom castmates or the Kardashian family.” Lord TV, you are too good to me. Imagine the possibilities!

Personally, I’d tune in to see the cast of Saved by the Bell — as long as Dustin Diamond was there; otherwise, they might actually be nice to each other, and there’s no fun in that. Also, I’d really like to see the casts ponder some of the burning questions I’ve carried for years, like who they think is most likely to get hooked on caffeine pills in real life?

Okay, enough of that. Which casts would you like to see on the show, PopWatchers?

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