By Dalton Ross
Updated December 12, 2010 at 05:01 AM EST


The last thing this world needs is another reality talent competition, but I was shocked to discover how much I enjoyed last week’s season 2 premiere of NBCs a cappella contest The Sing-Off. Maybe it’s because there were groups with absurdly awesome names like Pitch Slapped. Maybe it’s because I dig all the nifty coordinated outfits. Maybe it is the lovable dorkiness of music nerd Ben Folds, the most enjoyable non-showy judge on TV. Or maybe it’s because for originality, creativity, and pure vocal talent, this program has American Idol beat by a mile. Whatever the reason, I was hooked and The Sing-Off has become my new secret shame — a cheesy show I am embarrassed to admit I actually dig. So on the latest edition of the TV Insiders podcast, I asked coworkers Annie Barrett and Michael Slezak what their secret shames were, and you’ll be surprised to hear their shocking admissions.

The Sing Off

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