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Image Credit: MTVThis morning Vinny, Sammi, and Ronnie of MTV’s most engaging reality train wreck, Jersey Shore, were featured on When I Was 17. As expected, the trio got into a healthy amount of trouble just shy of becoming legal. One lost their virginity. Another lost a shark. And one really ticked off a sibling. Here are some highlights of how the rowdy bunch spent their seventeenth years.

Vinny Guadagnino, 17 from 2004-05

Vinny described his style as gangster guido chic. He was a huge fan of Gucci and Fila velour sweat suits, letting his gold chain dangle from his scrawny neck. He also loved animals, noting that he owned a hedgehog and a shark. Yeah, a shark!

His hobbies included feeding it live goldfish while Jaws’ theme played in the background. But the fun ended when the filter in the shark tank burnt out one night. And with no pet stores open at the hour, he was forced to watch it slowly die. “The saddest part,” he added, “was there was nothing I could do.” Whompers.

Sammi Giancola, 17 from 2004-05

Sammi played soccer for her high school team, boasting that her, “leg muscles were insane.” And she put them to use, leading her team to become conference champs.

Not everything about that year was as joyous, though. One night she stole her sister’s favorite pair of jeans to hit a party. Unfortunately, the fist pumping didn’t last long. The police were called over due to excessive noise complaints and Sammi made a break for it before. She didn’t get busted. But tearing her pants while trying to hop a fence, her jeans did.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, 17 from 2002-03

Ronnie was a lazy student who was a regular in the detention hall at his all-boy high school. “That was a good hobby that I participated in a lot,” he joked. One highlight of the techno-loving bad boy’s year was tying his teacher up in class with extension cords. It was hilarious… Until the principal arrived.

One of Ronnie’s better days came when his friend lent him his grandmother’s Camry. He’d later turn it into a lovemobile and loose his virginity in the backseat—with his friends watching from another car. After “about three pumps” he was done, but still described it was “awesome.” The grandmother still drives the Camry today.

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