A few weeks back, EW interviewed Bryan Waterman, a young filmmaker who was struggling to complete an animated film that featured the vocal talents of the late Leslie Nielsen. Nielsen also had some other projects in the can when he passed away on Nov. 28, but after seeing the trailer for Stonerville, I sincerely hope Mr. Waterman comes up with the funding for his film. I know Nielsen had a sense of humor about such things, but I’d hate for Nielsen’s last bow to be as a dazed film producer who’s getting serviced under his desk.

It’s not exactly Shakespeare, is it? Or the Zuckers. Or the Farrellys. But, let’s not be too hard on this low-budget, low-brow comedy. It doesn’t pretend to be anything that it’s not. It has Pauly Shore, after all. It has Jackie Chiles, or at least the actor who played him, Phil Morris. Who knows? Maybe this is the perfect sayonara for the guy from Airplane! and The Naked Gun, but I see that clip of Nielsen, and all I hear is Orson Welles voicing Unicron.

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