The well-traveled actress' greatest challenge in ''TRON: Legacy''? Playing a character who's never really been anywhere.


In this month’s TRON: Legacy, the 26-year-old star plays Quorra, a computer program who longs to see the outside world. But while her character may be cloistered, the globe-trotting Wilde is anything but. As a board member for Artists for Peace and Justice, she regularly visits Haiti to help build schools. ”These kds show up excited to learn,” Wilde says. ”They inspire me.” Also inspiring is the fishing village of Ardmore, Ireland, where the half-Irish actress spent her childhood summers. ”Ireland’s the most magical place on Earth,” she says. As for the most romantic, try Positano, Italy. (Wilde is married to Tao Ruspoli, the son of an Italian prince. The two got hitched aboard a school bus in Venice, Calif., when she was 18.) ”If I close my eyes and think of a happy place, it’s watching the sunset on the coast of Italy,” she says. Given her much-thumbed passport, we asked Wilde the places she would suggest to her onscreen alter ego…

Where in the world should Quorra go?

If your character, a computer program named Quorra, broke into the real world, where would she go?
She would go to an Apple Store and start speaking to all the computers, and then she’d go hug a toaster.

Where would you take her?
Without blowing her mind and shorting out her system, I’d probably take Quorra to an L.A. Lakers game. She’d probably not understand it at all. Also, the City Lights bookstore in San Francisco, since she loves books. It’s where [Allen] Ginsberg and everybody hung out.

What about New York? She’d be right at home in Times Square.
She’d be like, ”Ah, this is very peaceful.” I’d also take her to Tokyo. I went for the first time recently, and it blew my mind. In Harajuku, the shopping district, everybody looks like they’re dressed from the future, and they’re way cooler than we will ever be. She’d feel at home there, too.

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