''I have the worst taste in music,'' says the host of VH1's recent 'Divas Salute the Troops' special. Here's what she's listening to.

By Archana Ram
December 10, 2010 at 05:00 AM EST

”I have the worst taste in music,” says the host of VH1’s recent Divas Salute the Troops special. ”I’m often a victim of iPod crime. People will feel so sorry for me that they take my iPod and put songs on it.” Here’s what she’s listening to.

Lady Gaga:”Being a gay man, of course I love her.”

T.I.: ”Before I do stand-up, I will listen to everything from ‘Juke Box Hero’ by Foreigner to ‘Swagger Like Us,’ which is T.I. and, like, 17 of his rapper friends and that chick M.I.A. or Missing in Action or whatever her name is.”

Celine Dion: ”I’m going to go a little off the beaten track and say something like her version of ‘I Drove All Night.’ That’s as edgy as I get.”

Pitbull: ”My assistant, Tiffany, put Pitbull on there, so all of a sudden I’ll be getting ready for a show and I’ll hear Pitbull.”

Britney Spears: ”It’s all Britney, all the time. I love Circus, but I especially love Blackout. I like during-her-mental-breakdown Britney or post-mental-breakdown Britney, so I like her bald or near bald.”