Image Credit: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty ImagesForty one years after being charged with indecency at a Florida concert and 39 years after his premature death, Jim Morrison was pardoned by the outgoing governor of Florida, Charlie Crist. Morrison, the frontman for The Doors, had been appealing his conviction for profanity and indecent exposure when he died in Paris at age 27. The charges stemmed from an infamous March 1, 1969 Doors concert in Miami, where Morrison was accused of unzipping his pants and simulating a sex act, a charge he denied. Though he was convicted in 1970, there has never been any photographic evidence supporting the charges, and Morrison supporters and many witnesses claim he only teased the concert crowd. “In this case the guilt or innocence is in God’s hands, not ours,” said Crist, an admitted Doors fan.

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