Image Credit: Jeff Petry/ABC; Michael Yarish/Fox; Randy Holmes/ABCThis week: reasons you’ll be happy to not be spending the holidays at the Walker household, intel on the return of V, and a Glee tease that will get your track suit bottoms in a bunch.

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Fun fact: When a season ends with the sky turning red, there’s cause for concern — and we learn all sorts of reasons why in the Jan. 4 season opener. For one, it can cause your face to melt off — kidding. Sort of. Gruesomeness aside, the premiere gives reason to believe this season could be faster-paced than the freshman run. Here’s what goes down: We learn a bit about the meaning of the red sky (clue: an environmental scientist has a piece of the puzzle); we learn the consequences of accusing Anna of becoming more human (clue: don’t mess with a woman who has a tail with a pointy end); we see Decker make a bold move to support the V (clue: goodbye, journalistic integrity); and we learn of a possible traitor in the Fifth Column. No clue for that one, but prepare to be devastated by the answer.


Moms are the greatest, aren’t they? Especially around the hectic holidays when they, you know, do everything. So, when Karl sees Nora fraying at the edges during her own quest for the perfect Christmas, he offers to take her to Santa Fe to escape the madness (because nothing says holiday cheer like paper bag lanterns) — and she takes him up on it! Meanwhile, the Walker children are left Christmas orphans. What results is plenty of campy Walker-ness, mostly between Kitty and Kevin as they battle for the right to host Christmas — and ownership of the village and train that come along with the honor. (Admit it; you do like the camp as long as it’s in small doses.) At the heart of the episode: some very surprising scenarios, like lucid Holly, Justin drunk off his a**, and Kevin with a rather disturbing mustache that falls somewhere between Clark Gable and Billy Dee Williams on the facial hair scale. Oh, I’ve said too much…


The final two episodes of Leverage‘s third season (airing Dec. 19) will easily be fan favorites. There’s plenty of what you love about the show: Parker wit, scheme-offs with international crime man Damien Moreau (Goran Visnjic), and Alec showing us how big his brain is. But there are also touches of things we don’t see as much on the show. For one, there’s a tender moment between the team and tough guy Eliot, following a huge revelation. Other highlights: Alec’s brush with death after he takes a swim…while wearing handcuffs; guest star Visnjic in a robe (yum!); Sophie acting as first lady to a country in peril; and the season’s huge cliffhanger.


Rebecca L. asks: Is there any hope for Finn and Rachel to get back together on Glee or are they over for good?

Are you sitting down? Because you should be sitting down. According to a Glee source, the pair is done…for now. But you know a popular hunk like Finn doesn’t stay on the market for long. My source tells me: “Rachel will [be] spending much of her time trying to get him back…just like in The Way We Were. The big question is: Now that he’s free, will Quinn dump Sam for Finn?”

Image Credit: D Dipasupil/ asks: Any scoop on the Dexter finale?

Sgt. Batista’s on-the-rocks marriage with LaGuerta won’t get any better before the end of the season — but that doesn’t mean the marriage is hopeless, either. David Zayas told me this week at a LAByrinth Theater Company’s annual celebrity charades fundraiser in New York that the couple’s season-long troubles aren’t necessarily a sign of a breakup. “It never gets resolved. Marriages don’t get resolved. It’s a journey,” he said. “There probably won’t be a definite answer to that question in the season finale, but we’ll be back.” Yes. they will!

Lisa B. asks: You were such a tease on the Dexter spoilers last week! I want to know if Julia Stiles’ character is going to return next season, and if Deb is going to find out about Dexter’s “dark passenger” this season.

Everyone has been tight-lipped regarding the Dexter finale — but luckily, the same can’t be said for star Michael C. Hall. While presenting a “Dexter-esque” playlist on New York’s 101.0 RXP, the actor seemingly spilled a huge spoiler by saying fans should pay “special attention” to one of his picks, Bob Dylan’s “I’ll Keep It With Mine,” before watching the finale. Among the lyrics to this song that so-perfectly describes Dexter and Lumen: “The train leaves at half past 10/ But it’ll be back tomorrow same time again./ The conductor, he’s weary, still stuck on the line./ But if I can save you any time/ Come on, give it to me. I’ll keep it with mine.” Train = literal? Train = escape? Train = metaphor for killing? Okay, clearly I’m not a lyric-interpreting genius by any means, so I’m taking your guesses in comments!

Mercedes G. asks: When will Dallas Roberts return to The Good Wife?

After melting into a puddle at the sight of Josh Charles at the aforementioned celeb event this week, I was able to compose myself enough to ask the actor about his quote in our Entertainers of the Year issue (which featured the men of The Good Wife!): “I’m not interested in playing a character and having him being called ‘likable.'” The statement made Josh’s BFF Mandi Bierly and me wonder if he was hinting that Will would do something in the second half of the season that would cause him to be particularly unlikable. Charles clarified: “I don’t mean that there’s any deep, dark thing coming that’s going to make people hate the character. I just mean that I don’t think the writers are really interested in writing characters that are just likeable…. I think there will — as we see more of Will’s backstory — be some things that you realize throughout the season, but it’s not going to be a complete 180. And I’ll leave the surprise until people see it.” Then he smiled — and I might have blacked out after that. As for Roberts, he’ll be back in the Dec. 14 episode.

Image Credit: Jack Rowand/The CWLaura P. asks: Is Crowley REALLY dead on Supernatural?

The sight of Crowley’s burning bones last week sent chills through me, too. And while my Supernatural sources can’t say for certain if Mark Sheppard will return to the show this season, I am told that fans should “never say never to seeing him again in the world of Supernatural.” I think we can all agree that bringing a character back from the (presumed) dead is just another day at the office for the show, no?

Erin G.: Parenthood never gets any love, which is a shame. Anything on the second half of the season?

You know that second baby that Julia and Joel are trying to have? Well, if star Erika Christensen has her way, that plan will see many delays in the coming episodes. “I want them to push it off for a couple of years so Erika can get pregnant,” she laughed. “What happens if we do the baby bump and then I get pregnant later? What, they have three kids? I don’t know.”

Marcus F.: Any idea when Treme comes back?

EW ran into Melissa Leo (Toni) at the premiere of The Fighter earlier this week, and she was happy to report that the cast and crew is back at work and tells us that her character is “still fighting the good fight in a very unforgivable situation.” As far as when you’ll see the fruits of their labors, a source said the network is looking at a return in spring 2011.

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