Readers respond to ''The Walking Dead,'' Nicole Kidman, and the state of movies

By EW Staff
Updated December 10, 2010 at 05:00 AM EST

Death Be Not Proud
The dead may be walking, but the living only seem to be talking. After a rather auspicious start, The Walking Dead delivered back—to—back snoozefests where the zombies took a backseat to soap opera scripting.
Jim Wynorski
Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Your list of the five best zombie movies ever made was great, but it was definitely missing Dead Alive, quite possibly the goriest and funniest zombie movie of all time. I mean, a dude runs zombies over with a lawn mower! It doesn’t get any more epic than that.
Eric Lawrence
San Diego

More Than Skin—Deep

I’ve always felt Nicole Kidman‘s performances were brilliant because of the story her eyes could tell. Whether or not her forehead moves, she can relay the lines of the movie just by looking at you. I believe that’s what a dedicated actor consistently tries to achieve.
Victoria Anctil
Leominster, Mass.

The Big Squeeze

Terrific piece about the state of movies these days (News & Notes). The three theaters near me are all showing Tangled in 3—D only. I really don’t want to have to pay extra for 3—D, but what choice do I have?
Steve Melisi
Halifax, Mass.

Patrick Corcoran’s statement that ”on average, movie tickets have increased less than other things” seemed like an excuse to charge absurd prices. My question to the industry is: Why should we spend 10 to 12 dollars on a movie when we can wait till the DVD release and own it for not much more?
Jeff Finck
Florissant, Mo.