Image Credit: Donna Svennevik/ABCBarbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People special aired last night, and 2010’s MFP was actually surprising. Gaga? Obama? Nicki Minaj? Jon Stewart? Nope on all counts. Babs’ pick: General David Petraeus. Really!

We knew eight of the other people on the list as of last week, and the other big reveal last night was Mark Zuckerberg, which is a solid choice, and I’m not just saying that because I guessed he’d be on the list. (But I did. So, you guys owe me a Coke.) The full list:

Justin Bieber

Sandra Bullock

LeBron James

Jennifer Lopez

Kate Middleton

Sarah Palin

David Petraeus

Betty White

Mark Zuckerberg

The cast of Jersey Shore

On the one hand, yeah, Petraeus is actually a brilliant choice — he’s famous but many of us don’t know much about him, and in the last year, his policies have certainly taken center stage. And yet, there’s something shockingly dissonant about putting him on the same list with the cast of Jersey Shore, or young Biebs, or even Zuckerberg. I’m just not sure they register on the same fascinating-ness barometer.

Did you watch the special last night, PopWatchers? Were you surprised to hear Walters ask about “smushing”? Or were you more surprised to hear her ask Betty White about her sex life?

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