By Annie Barrett
Updated August 03, 2020 at 06:06 PM EDT
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You didn’t think I’d suppress my hidden gem-hunting nature for four whole months, right? Many thanks to the few, the proud, the Top Chef recap-readers who nominated Hidden Truffles this week! After the jump, Tom sprouts pigtails, Happy Dale gets frisky with a tube of Ritz Crackers, Casey wakes up with someone’s patterned-panted butt in her face, and more! I’m like a pig in dirt, now more than ever.

“When they showed Tom talking to the chefs in the museum, the dinosaur skeleton on the wall behind him made it look like he had crazy uneven ponytails springing from his head!”–I Will Not Pack My Knives and Go

“Ms. Hootie Hoo & Jen running made me think of Big Bird & Betty Lou from Sesame Street.” —I Will Not Pack My Knives and Go

“I’m not familiar enough with the DWTS hidden gems to know whether audio truffles are allowed or if they must be a sight gag thing…if they ARE, I think the exchange between Happy Dale and Casey as they massaged that muck in those big bowls was pretty good — Casey said ‘I’m a virgin with the Ritz Cracker hand job.'” —henrietta

“Not-so Hidden Truffle: The pig sty in the dinosaur hall after the “brats” (as Happy Dale referred to them) left the Quickfire challenge. Do the yutes of America not know what a garbage can is?” —(Chef) LAG Award Winner, endorsed by RBlues, queue55

“A worthy replacement for Maks’ butt was the not-so-hidden “truffle” of Tre’s naked chest in the dim museum light.” —Lin, endorsed by Rebekah

“Casey waking up to someone’s arse in her face.” —Cordy, endorsed by julie

“Did anyone else see Tom wearing a silly band (aka tween currency) at judges’ table? A gift from a museum guest, perhaps? Wonder what he had to do to earn that bad boy.” —kellen, endorsed by Laura

“Jen’s line, “Welcome to All-Star Jen,” shortly before she was axed.” —Inga

Great job, everyone!

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