By Emily Exton
December 09, 2010 at 06:09 PM EST

An anonymous tip from an America’s Most Wanted viewer aided investigators in the Ronni Chasen murder case, according to a press release from Fox. The tip led investigators to “person of interest” Harold Martin Smith, who shot and killed himself when approached by police. Yesterday, the Beverly Hills police confirmed that the weapon used in Smith’s suicide was the same used in Chasen’s murder. Police believe that Smith acted alone, and that Chasen’s murder was potentially the result of a “robbery gone bad.”

Chasen’s case was first profiled on the Nov. 20 episode of America’s Most Wanted, after the Hollywood community reached out to the show for help following her death. “I’m very proud that this loyal AMW viewer had the guts to call our hotline to help solve this case,” said AMW host and exec producer John Walsh. “After 23 years on the air, it reconfirms my belief that an average person can make a difference. It’s my hope that the Chasen family will now have some answers.” An updated report, including more information on the tipster, will be featured on the show’s Dec. 11 episode.

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