By Margaret Lyons
Updated December 09, 2010 at 09:50 PM EST

Image Credit: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage.comMandy Patinkin might be heading back to a regularly scheduled TV gig: Showtime confirms that Patinkin has been cast in the pilot for Homeland, starring Claire Danes. The show centers on an American soldier who returns to the United States after several years as a prisoner of war in Iraq. Danes plays a CIA officer convinced that the soldier may actually be connected to Al-Qaeda, and Patinkin will play Saul, Danes’ boss and mentor.

Here is my one simple request: Please, Homeland, do not have Saul be an emotionally distant genius with a tragic past. Look, I love me some Mandy Patinkin. Chicago Hope holds a true and special place in my heart, I’ve watched Dead Like Me, oh, six times? And I even watched him on Criminal Minds. And in all of these roles… he’s sporting some serious guilt about fatherhood. Heck, even Inigo Montoya had daddy issues. So for the love of all that is Patinkin and holy, let’s find a new set of hang-ups for whoever this character turns out to be.

That said, good gravy, I hope this pilot gets picked up — Patinkin and Danes alone would sell me on it, but a POW-turned-sleeper-cell story from 24 producers? Bring it!

I know there are some Evita fanatics in the PopWatch nation. Make yourselves heard! Are you glad to see Patinkin heading back to TV?

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