How do we feel about franchises based on iPhone apps?

''I don't even care anymore why I hate those pigs in Angry Birds , but I will get them — every last one of them!…

Cute things are good, but angry cute things are even better. Witness the success of Angry Birds, the iPhone/iPad game that stars a cast of adorable cartoon fowl who furiously pursue egg-stealing green pigs. (You launch the birds from a slingshot. Some of the birds explode. It?s incredible.) Angry Birds is currently the #1 paid app on the iTunes store—take that, Oregon Trail!—but the game?s creators have bigger dreams. According to Variety, the Finnish company Rovio plans to expand the ferocious-flying universe of Birds across every level of media. ?We hope we can be the first major franchise to come from mobile,? says the Rovio CEO, who imagines an Angry Birds movie in Wallace & Gromit-style claymation.

Personally, I?m onboard—especially if the style of an Angry Birds cartoon hews to the retro-Looney Tunes look of the much-viewed game trailer. There?s a Rube Goldbergian complexity to the videogame that Buster Keaton would appreciate, and hey, it?s a slightly less nonsensical idea than Battleship: Hotties Vs. Aliens. But if Hollywood is adapting apps into movies, aren?t there better options than Angry Birds? How about Fieldrunners, which is basically a G-rated version of the D-Day sequence from Saving Private Ryan? Or what about a Hook Champ movie? All you need is a cave, a grappling hook, and hats!