By Annie Barrett
Updated December 08, 2010 at 05:30 PM EST

Image Credit: Michael Yarish/AMCIn the spirit of self-loathing and “write what you know,” this loser blogger who sometimes cuts her own bangs (the horror!) put together today’s photo gallery: The Bad Bang Theory: 20 Infuriating Bangs. Set of bangs? Bang communities? Whatever. Hair in TV and movies that you just want to comb, cover up, rearrange like a delicate sculpture, or pull with all your might so that it would just GROW, dammit! Any bangs whose undeniable awfulness was not officially part of the plot (as in Ugly Betty, starring the Bad Bangs Baroness) but became significant for you, the viewer who should not have to put up with that mess!

Pictured here: Mad Men‘s Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss), who has clearly been hypnotized by her greasy, stringy, no good, very bad, deliberately spaced-out (?!) dagger-bangs. Check out the complete collection while touching your own questionably styled hair; then tell us who we missed. I already see a lot of votes for Brennan on the current season of Bones

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