December 07, 2010 at 12:00 PM EST

Image Credit: David Johnson/Fox; Trophy: Sonja Flemming/CBSI’ve always tried to steer clear of voting for things like the People’s Choice Awards — and not for the elitist reasons you might think. It’s mostly because I become very addicted to it. It’s the same feeling I get when an eBay auction I’m involved in starts spilling over the budget I claimed I was going to stick to. What’s worse is when — like with the PCAs — you aren’t able to see the poll results. WE HAVE NO IDEA HOW WE’RE DOING. Ugh. Can you tell I’ve caved and started voting?

If you’re familiar with my battle cry at all, you know I’ve thrown much of my support behind Supernatural in the Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show category. But this year, I’ve split screened my computer into two voting windows and alternated between the formerly mentioned race and the Favorite TV Drama Actress category.

You see, when I spoke with Lisa Edelstein last week to get some House scoop out of her, we got onto the subject of her nomination in the category, and two things made me cave and hit the voting site. 1) She admitted to voting for herself once but never again because, she joked, “It just doesn’t feel healthy.” 2) She wants it because it shows you care. “If it’s just me sitting there obsessively voting for myself, it feels pathetic,” she said. “Whereas if other people are voting, you actually can feel good about it.” She added, laughing, “I don’t want to win the People’s Choice Award because I chose myself 8,000 times.”

If I was nominated, to hell with all the bitters who poo on the show, I’d want my darn award, too. I have to get back to voting now — because I get twitchy at the thought of a rival gaining momentum. But tell me, am I the only one who gets unnecessarily competitive about these things? And who are you throwing your weight behind for the People’s Choice Awards? (Voting concludes at 11:59 p.m. ET!)

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