By Adam B. Vary
December 07, 2010 at 03:00 PM EST
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Today’s generous gift from the Internet comes in the form of a video playing the four dream realities in Inception together at the same time, in (roughly) real time. No, you’re not crazy if you read that sentence more than once and it made no sense to you, even though you’ve seen Inception two times or more just to be sure it actually all fit together. In fact, in a lot of ways, you’d think that this video would help bring some clarity to Christopher Nolan’s epic phantasmagoria: Instead of, as Nolan does in the film, cross cutting between the van-racing-through-the-rain dream world, the brown-toned-classy-hotel dream world, the snowed-out-fortress/hospital dream world, and the unstructured-dream-space-a.k.a.-limbo dream world, we get to see all four unfold together, with each successive dream world moving at the ever-quickening speed of dreaming. Annnnd now you’re even more confused. Just take a look at the (obviously spoiler-filled) video itself, and it will all make sense, I promise: 

My favorite thing about this clip — beyond the fact that it only increases my appreciation for Nolan’s directorial finesse, and Hans Zimmer’s kick-ass score — is that its maker readily admits in those YouTube pop-up annotations when his efforts don’t quite line up correctly. (Alas, the annotations don’t play in the embedded version, but if you watch it on YouTube’s site, they’re there, I promise.) It’s exactly the level of geeky precision we demand from the Internet, and I’m happy to no end that this tireless editor with an enviable amount of free time provided it.

Did you love this re-mixed version of Inception‘s dream worlds? Or has it left you puzzled all over again?

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