Remember that time Mel Gibson went crazy, chased away everyone who ever loved him, and found himself all alone, without any clear career prospects? And then remember how he found a disgusting little beaver hand-puppet in the trash, gave the puppet a Ray Winstone voice, and used his new little pal to reconnect with his family and save his career? Obviously, you're thinking of The Beaver, the curious-looking film by Jodie Foster that has gained some unexpected real-world weight in light of Gibson's busy summer. In an impressive attempt to sell a relatively unsellable movie, the first trailer practically seems to directly address Gibson's real-world meltdown, LeBron-style. I can't decide if I'm laughing sincerely or ironically. See for yourself!

It's worth pointing out that The Beaver is written by Kyle Killen, the creator of the dearly departed, barely arrived Lone Star. But there's no getting around the weirdness factor… or the Gibson factor, for that matter. PopWatchers, what do you think about this first look at The Beaver? Are you ready to watch Mel Gibson in a heart-warming film about a man and his hand-puppet? And seriously, is that Ray Winstone's voice?

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