Waking up in the morning to a new(ish) layout on Facebook has become so commonplace — oh, look, my status update font has gotten smaller! — it’s usually like noticing someone at the office got a new haircut: You kinda forget it even happened by the end of the day. Well, imagine if your colleague’s new haircut got its own interview with Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes; suddenly, it doesn’t seem so insignificant, does it? That’s exactly what’s going on right now with Facebook’s new layout for your profile page, which founder/Oscar-contending-movie-subject Mark Zuckerberg touted on the venerable CBS newsmagazine last night.

So what’s new? As Stahl puts it in her piece, basically, whereas a lot of your personal information used to be hidden behind the “Info” tab, your profile now provides most things people would learn about you in a bar: Where you live, where you’re from, what you do for a living, whether your single or attached, etc. (Well, it provides it now for some of you; the redesign hasn’t been rolled out to all profiles just yet.) This change makes all kinds of sense — basic info, right up top, easy to see. But there are two other changes that may at first seem to be a bit trickier:

Along with your profile photo, the five most recent photos of you — whether you uploaded them, or someone else did and tagged you — now appear at the top of the profile. But Facebook appears to have learned from past privacy mistakes: These pics can only be seen by people who you’ve already allowed to see your tagged photos, and you can quickly remove any photo from your main profile by clicking an “X” mark tucked in the top right corner.

The other big change involves the list of your Facebook friends along the left-hand column, which can now be organized into groups (Family, Friends, Co-Workers, Random People You Don’t Remember From High School). The biggest issue here: The flurry of e-mails from moms, aunts, grandpas, and distant cousins asking why you haven’t recognized them as such on your profile. Hurray!

What do you think of the new, new, new, new, new, new Facebook, PopWatchers? And check out a clip from the 60 Minutes report below.

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