December 06, 2010 at 11:59 PM EST

Image Credit: Jon Kopaloff/Getty ImagesAfter years of Dakota Fanning effortlessly playing every child role on the big screen, it’s time for her 12-year-old sister Elle to have her deserved moment in the spotlight. December has proven to be a pretty big month for the girl who is not yet even a teenager. She’ll appear in one of my favorite movies of the year, Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, in addition to the big-budget The Nutcracker 3D, and she even has a Vanity Fair spotlight feature about her. She may not have won the Homecoming Queen title this year like Dakota, but I’d say that proving her acting chops and getting featured by Vanity Fair is an upgrade — and hey, she still has more than a few years to win that crown.

On top of being really talented, and more or less always picking great roles, I’ve always liked both Fanning sisters because of how down-to-earth they always come across in interviews. Instead of talking about all the cool things she may have done at the Chateau Marmont when filming Somewhere, Elle instead talked about how cool it was to have co-star Stephen Dorff come support her at her school’s volleyball games. On her way to super-stardom and still playing school sports! I love this about her. When the conversation naturally turned to her relationship with Dakota, Elle insisted that they don’t really talk about the entertainment business. “We talk all the time about more normal sister stuff, like: can I borrow this shirt?” she tells Vanity Fair, before acknowledging that frequent set visits are a part of the sisters’ busy lives. With the busy month Elle seems to be having, I can only imagine there will be many more set visits in the future.

Are you excited to see an Elle Fanning movie this December, PopWatchers? And are you also hoping to see something starring both Fanning sisters one day soon?

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