We learned a couple of things during this week’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Palin can bag a caribou with a rifle, give or take five shots or so, and she’s got a cute, doughty father.

Seventy-two year old Chuck Heath, a genial turtle of a fellow, took his daughter and a family friend out hunting when it was discovered that, in rummaging through the Palin family freezer, the Palins were down to “five packages of moose and three [packages] of caribou” meat. Oh my gosh — they might starve! This bit of false suspense was a set-up for what proved to be a fun hour: Scenes from a two-day, father-daughter trip to a remote area of Alaska, settin’ up camp and eatin’ “Spam out of a can” while waiting for a caribou to present itself.

“That rifle in your hand can mean food on your table,” said Palin in a more realistic moment, referring not to her own, well-off circumstances, but those of more ordinary Alaskans. Once again, this show presented a version of Palin that was, um, disarming: The plucky gal with the brown hunting cap whose pink stitching read, “Girls and Guns,” scrambling over hills and high brush with her father, toting what her dad called “a varmint gun” and helping to skin and gut the caribou that the hunting party collected. You don’t see that sort of thing on any of the Real Housewives franchises, unless it’s Camille Grammer using her razor-tongue to verbally slice up Kelsey.

While Palin’s straight-at-the-camera bragging was to be both expected and ignored (“This is what has given me a desire to be tough and independent”), it was difficult to resist the charms of her father as he said proudly, “I’m glad I raised her that way.”

But here’s a warning. Get ready. Batten down the hatches. Next week on this series, it’s the reality-show version of Godzilla Vs. King Kong: Palin meets Kate Gosselin.

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