Is this a family of overachievers or what?

By EW Staff
Updated December 03, 2010 at 12:00 PM EST
Credit: Jun Sato/WireImage

He kicked his way to movie stardom with The Karate Kid. She whipped herself onto the pop charts this fall with her infectious debut single, ”Whip My Hair.” And for Jaden, 12, and Willow, 10 (whose parents just happen to be Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith), this is only the beginning: Jaden will star in M. Night Shyamalan’s science-fiction film One Thousand A.E., and Willow’s album will be out next year. Clearly, in the Smith household, the kids are all right.

EW: Did you guys ever imagine that your careers would blow up the way they have?

JADEN SMITH: I kind of knew that Willow was going to be big. But she took a little bit longer to realize that.

WILLOW SMITH: I never dreamed I would be this big. I love performing. I don’t do it just because. I do it because I love it, you know?

EW: Do you both plan to pursue movies and music?

WILLOW: Yeah, I’m focusing on music right now, but I’m going to pick acting up soon.

JADEN: I love both. I’ll be writing rhymes in a director’s chair when I’m older.

EW: What was your most exciting celebrity encounter this year?

JADEN: I met Lady Gaga, and she was covered in, like, steak. I actually gave her a hug.

WILLOW: My friend met her and was going to hug her, and Lady Gaga said, ”You’re going to get sick.”

EW: Did you get sick, Jaden?

JADEN: No, but I took, like, three showers.

EW: Who were some of your favorite entertainers of this past year?

WILLOW: I love Lady Gaga. Glee. B.o.B. Eminem.

JADEN: My favorite movie is Inception. I’ve seen it, like, four times. I’m still trying to figure it out.

EW: What have been the best and worst parts about becoming famous?

JADEN: I think the best part is the fans and the worst part is the fans. When you’re at premieres, it’s really nice to know they think you’re a talented artist. But when you’re trying to hang out with friends and they come up to you, it’s weird.

WILLOW: Remember that girl who ran up to you with a bloody arm?

JADEN: Yeah. Oh my gosh. She was like, ”I fell and cut myself, but can I have your autograph?” I was like, ”Do you have a pen?”

WILLOW: She was like, ”Sign it with blood.”

EW: You must get advice about handling fame from your parents.

JADEN: I get advice about acting. My dad and my mom always tell me to stay in the scene.

EW: What’s the most annoying advice they’ve given you?

JADEN: Probably ”stay in the scene.”

EW: Which one of you gets in more trouble at home?

JADEN: Well, I get in trouble for playing too many videogames: World of Warcraft, Call of Duty: Black Ops.

WILLOW: I get in trouble for eating whipped cream right out of the container. Bad to the bone!