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By Adam Markovitz
Updated December 03, 2010 at 05:00 AM EST

The Social Network

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STATUS UPDATE:”I’m a foster father for cats, so I’m feeding and cleaning up after several of them right now. Reading White Noise, by Don DeLillo; the first few pages are pretty good. Looking forward to traveling to Ulan Bator in Mongolia next month.”
WHY HIM? At 27 years old, Eisenberg has already spent almost a decade stealing scenes in everything from indie dramas (The Squid and the Whale) to genre hits (Zombie-land). But his performance in The Social Network still felt like a revelation. Driven, menacing, and vulnerable, Eisenberg’s take on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed off a level of skill and subtlety that’s rare in actors twice his age. And while he probably won’t be turning up on Zuckerberg’s list of Facebook friends anytime soon, Eisenberg has joined a far more elite group: actors with a solid shot at Oscar gold this year.

STATUS UPDATE: ”Back in Los Angeles, the city I love, with my wife and friends, enjoying my life. The Social Network craziness is finally slowing down a bit, and I am currently enjoying the option of ‘choice’ my last project has given me. The ‘choices’ range from everything between which project to pick next to what kind of dog to adopt.”
WHY HIM? Giving one great performance in a movie is hard enough. But two? With an alley-oop from body stand-in Josh Pence, Hammer brought both Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss to life, adding shades of distinct personality to each twin. He also turned what could’ve been stock characters — the bullying preppy jocks — into a complex portrait of two men fighting for what they believe to be theirs. Hammer, 24, may not have picked his follow-up project yet, but whatever it is, we’ll be watching — even if there is only one of him next time.

STATUS UPDATE: ”Working hard. Catching the odd music show. Seeing friends. But for the most part, working hard. I have not been on Facebook once, and have mostly been avoiding telling people what I am up to by asking them what they are up to. So what are YOU up to?”
WHY HIM? Before The Social Network came out, the talk about Garfield focused more on his role in another movie: In July, it was announced that the 27-year-old British actor had been chosen to star in the upcoming teen-angstified Spider-Man reboot. But the conversation shifted again when audiences got a look at his star-making turn as Zuckerberg’s best friend, Eduardo Saverin. Charismatic and compelling, Garfield was one of Network‘s brightest surprises.

STATUS UPDATE: ”Hey, guys… The past few months have been extremely busy for me: Finished filming Friends With Benefits, went to NYC and Europe for promo for The Social Network (everyone see it), my charity show in Vegas raised over a million dollars, and currently filming an Andrew Niccol project entitled NOW.”
WHY HIM? We knew he could sing. We knew he could dance. We knew he could crack a joke from his legendary SNL spots. Now, with his flashy turn as Network‘s seductively slick Sean Parker, Timberlake, 29, has demonstrated beyond a doubt that he’s ready to join the big-screen big leagues, too. With a slew of projects already lined up, it looks like he’s about to secure movie stardom in a takeover that the real Parker would undoubtedly admire.

STATUS UPDATE: ”It’s -9 degrees Celsius. 37 takes down, only about 42 more to go. Every time he says, ‘Okay, last one,’ I fall for it. Every. Single. Time. If only I could get this damn shrug right, then maybe I could go inside and my nipple ring would have time to thaw out…” (Sent via e-mail from the set of David Fincher’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in Stockholm)
WHY HER? The adage that there are no small parts, only small actors proved especially true for Mara. Playing Zuckerberg’s quick-witted ex, she had just a few short scenes in the movie. But she dazzled in them, making an instant impression on audiences — not to mention director David Fincher, who cast the 25-year-old as the tough computer hacker Lisbeth Salander in his upcoming Dragon Tattoo adaptation.

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