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Updated December 03, 2010 at 10:10 PM EST
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Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOXYou saw in the preview for next week’s Bones that this is the episode where Brennan realizes she made a big mistake when she turned down Booth (dial 1-800-finally on your touch-tone phone). But what happens after to the calculated, emotionally closed squint queen following her long-awaited realization? Emily Deschanel braved a conference call of reporters to tell us what to expect following the big episode, the next time we’ll see the gravedigger, and what’s to come for Booth and Hannah. (It’s not good news, Hannah haters.) Here are the highlights:

1. After Brennan’s heartbreaking confession to Booth, “There is a reaction, but it might not be the reaction people want,” Deschanel said. “You’ll see Brennan kind of becoming more protected than she has been, even.”

2. Hanna and Booth will become more serious. The tone in Deschanel’s voice made me think that this might be the proposal executive producer Stephen Nathan told us about last month — but dear God, let’s hope I’m wrong and just reading too much into this.

3. We’ve been told since last season that we hadn’t seen the last of the Gravedigger — and she returns in episode 10 (airing Jan. 20)!

4. David Boreanaz has sat in the director’s chair a few times before (he will next helm the upcoming sniper episode), but Emily will not be directing an episode about a wedding planner as originally planned. The change was made following news of Bones’ new American Idol lead-in. “They were worried if we had two episodes very soon after Idol where I wasn’t very present in the show, it might take away [from the ratings],” she said. They are thinking about moving her directorial debut to the end of the season.

5. Hannah will learn about Brennan’s confession to Booth at the beginning of the 2011 episodes. “It creates a situation with Hannah and Brennan and their friendship,” she said.

6. Some upcoming cases will involve dare-devil BMX bikers and polygamy.

7. Booth has (so far) in the scripts not had any doubts about his decision to stay with Hannah. Ready, set…rant.


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